The Storm, The Shipwreck and The Salvation – Your Story

The scene was set on a ship cruise bound for Rome. Paul was going to appear before Caesar to present his case. But a heavy storm came upon them and the journey took a detour in an attempt to prevent shipwreck. It turned out to be a disaster on sea. For 14 days the sailors and passengers (276 in total) battled so hard against the tempetous waves that threatened their lives.

That was no fairytale, not a made-up story or fable; it happened and still does happen. What Paul experienced sounds so much like what you have experienced or may be experiencing today too: storms in the home, storm in your finances, in your relationship, in your studies, in your workplace, in your marriage… storm everywhere.

But I was encouraged tonight when I read Acts 27 because it did have a happy ending. In the middle of the storm, Paul challenged his co-occupants to keep courage, eat and not worry; “Not one of you will lose a single hair from his head” verse 34. What could make a man in that storm to speak like this!!!

That’s what I call astronomical faith and indeed not a hair of their head perished.

Your story too could have a happy ending if you keep up your courage and not give up or give in. May God take control of that situation.

All is well.

About Joseph Iregbu

I'm a writer, purpose guy, speaker and business consultant. My passion is to help people live with purpose and not waste their lives. I live in the UK with my wife, Temi and our gorgeous Isabel Juda. Let's connect on Twitter and Facebook.

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