What’s on Your Reading List?

An essential quality of leaders is their passion for learning. Leaders pursue their personal and spiritual growth. They don’t hang around waiting for life to happen to them — they chase life. One way they do that is to grow knowledge through reading.

The power of reading

Reading is an indispensable feature in the lives of those committed to their growth and development. It increases your mental capacity. If you stop reading, you will stop growing.

To expand your capacity for greater achivements, knowledge is crucial.

If you must shape the lives of those in your sphere of influence, you need to do something first: Shape yours!

Q1 2017 reading list

Over the years, I’ve learned that leaders are readers. And the wisdom of the well-informed and knowledgable leader differentiates him from others.

In 2016, I introduced the concept of a quarterly reading list in my young adult cell group and it’s been a blast. Two weeks ago, I released our first reading list for 2017. At the end of each quarter, we host a book review night (presented by the young adults) and continue the cyle with new sets of books for the next quarter. It’s awesome fun!

But the process serves important purposes. Through this, we are helping our young adults cultivate the habit of investing in their personal growth (everyone buys a personal hard copy of their selected book and will build their personal library over time).

Secondly, the book review helps them develop leadership skills on presentation and public speaking. Thirdly, and most importantly, the initiative is intended to help them cultivate a more closer walk with God. I have experienced powerful, God-centred books ignite a passion for God in my heart, so I know this is possible.

I have experienced powerful, God-centred books ignite a passion for God in my heart, so I know this is possible.

I encourage you to make 2017 a year of growth in your life. Cultivate a consistent reading habit. Start small and grow from where you are.

Question: What’s on your reading list this quarter? Share in the comment box to help us build our future lists.

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