We All Need A Pep Talk (Video)

I recently came across a video on TED and I’m glad I watched it.

Never Quit Your Dream

Life can seem a mystery – sometimes we get hit so hard we want to give up and quit our dreams. I have been through a lot of hard times in my life.

As long as we breathe, hard times never stop. They may come in varying forms and at different stages of our lives but there are always challenges to deal with. Goliaths surround us everyday. The sight of them make us want to quit.

A decade ago, I decided never to quit my dream. I’m currently writing a new book on this; on the power of your dream. In the book, I get personal about my story, my challenges and struggles. It’s exciting!

If only life offered us the choice to be indifferent, we would choose it. But we don’t have that option. In the end, we either stand or quit. We either choose average or we choose awesome.

No matter how hard you’ve been battered, you can make it through. Never quit your dream. Tweet this encouragement

The Power of Collective Encouragement

I believe in the power self encouragement like David did in 1 Samuel 30:6 or like I did in a letter to my soul. But I also know that a network of encouragers is equally powerful, if not more. Indeed, iron sharpens iron.

You can watch this video of Kid President (Robby Novak), a 9-year old from Tennessee, USA. He just might inspire you. When you’re done watching, share this post so others can be encouraged too.

I love what he said:

You’re ‘gooder’ than that! You were made to be awesome!! 

I believe that about my myself. Do you? Watch, laugh and be inspired; even my daughter laughed hard watching it.


Question: Are you more of a self-encourager or thrive on collective encouragement? Which works best for you? Leave a comment.

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