We Need a Paradigm Shift

I once heard Charles Stanley on UCB say:

“…there’s nothing spectacular God can do with a cosy Christian, one that only seeks to be cool, wants no challenge but simply want to get to heaven in the end.”

The beautiful risk of believing

In my previous post, I wrote about risk – the need for us to take the right risk. Charles is right. If all of life is risk, then the Christian life cannot be an exception.

mugley / Foter / CC BY-SA

mugley / Foter / CC BY-SA

John Piper once wrote of a preacher who referred to the Christian call this way:

“When you came to Christ, you responded to a call to come and die.”

It took me some time to process that one but I finally got it. The surrendered life is not without challenges; it’s risky. Faith is risky, but beautifully so.

The need precedes the provision

I’ve read the Bible over the years and while I believe God promises His children grace, He doesn’t promise us comfort. Certainly not our definition of ‘comfort’.

Does He promise to deliver us from troubles? Sure!

Does He promise to deliver us from the fire? Yes!

Does He promise help in time of need? Absolutely!

But notice what comes first… troubles, fire and need before He steps in!

Until there’s a need, there’d be no miracle. Until there’s a challenge, mountains won’t be moved. Share this

What’s wrong with us?

We naturally claim sonship but are slow to take on responsibilities.

We crave for the King’s provisions but not share in His burdens.

We love the love of the Father, but not the trials of the Master.

We readily covet the blessings of God but deny the demands of His Christ.

What’s wrong with us?

A paradigm shift is what we need

I’m very grateful for Charles Stanley’s words. It brings me perspective. I want them to challenge you too. Unless we are wrecked, we may never experience the true Christian joy or live in true grace.

Are you willing to give up ease and embrace risk? Are you willing to talk less and do more? Are you willing to receive less from others and give more?

Are you willing to change your world? Only a paradigm shift can make that happen.

We must change before we can bring change. Tweet

What do you think is ‘wrong’ with contemporary Christianity?

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