Two Lessons You Must Learn From Pain

Last week, I shared a word on restoration. If you missed it, check it out here.

When Restoration Comes

Here’s an excerpt from that post:

“Restoration, following a season of pain, comes to those who refuse to give up, who forgive, who take a firm stand on seeing through God’s purpose for their lives, who take a step of faith even when persistence doesn’t make sense.”

Job refused to give up, he forgave his friends but more importantly, he didn’t throw in the towel when human logic said doing so would be ideal. I think his friends had good intentions despite their wrong judgement of the man. Maybe his wife suffered mental shock, finding herself in a rather strange and unfamiliar situation. One day she was referred to as ‘the wife of the richest man from the east.’ Next But credit to Job, he didn’t lose his head. He stumbled a bit but got back up and was finally vindicated.

This week, I asked my readers on Twitter to share what key lessons resonate with them from the story and life of Job. I would like to share two of those responses with you.

Divine Permission

Flo Edmondson wrote:

“For me, the story of Job shows everything that happens to us in life passes first through our Heavenly Father’s permission”

Flo’s words struck a cord in my heart. Divine permission! Nothing happens without God’s knowledge. He is sovereign. That should give us peace.

Beyond Comprehension

Next was Chuck McKnight who said:

“It shows me that God is beyond our comprehension or understanding”Click here to share this truth.

Chuck’s words are truly powerful. Eternity is not enough to figure God out. He knows what is best for us, even when we don’t understand Him.

These are two great lessons we can learn in our season of pain: God knows everything that happens to us before they do and We cannot fully understand Him, yet.

How else does the story and life of Job encourage you?

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