More Than Sunday ‘Hellos’

This was our first Christmas season in Germany and while it’s been somewhat strange not to be in Liverpool, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Yesterday, we hosted folks from the church who have spent theirs alone, without their families. We had children and adults, people from different cultural and social backgrounds. And sometimes, even the subtle differences in doctrinal convictions surfaced but all bound together by one force: The Cross! None of our differences stopped us from having a great time. The food was magnificent; the Chefs did a fantastic job.

We watched movies, the children couldn’t hold their voices as they played (what else do you expect) and then I popped a question and the discussions ensued. And it continued… Then someone nudged me and said “Social gatherings like these are important for the lifeline of the church. Sunday service ‘Hellos’ are not enough”.
I couldn’t agree more with him.

People are suffering right under our nose. Folks are lonely and need someone to visit them or chat to them. People are in dire need of a social enviornment where they can get to know those they’ve shared the same church with for 5 years!!! Folks need a genuine smile; a smile that can never be genuinely measured within the four walls of the church but outside. Our Sunday hellos will not do. People need people. I urge us to be more open to others, a little bit more willingness to share and be open can save a soul. You never know. And that’s why in 2012, I’d be looking for more opportunities to add value to people’s lives. For me, The Life Course creates that environment perfectly and we will make it happen… even here in Germany, God helping us. Pray with us.

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