Lines of Impact 004

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This is the fourth edition of the Lines of Impact Series and I’m super excited about this week’s edition. I will tell you why in a minute. But first, here are the links to the previous three posts:

So why am I excited? I am featuring… (not oneTWO Lines of Impact from contributors this week. Yes, you read that correctly: T-W-O. I want to give more readers opportunity to feature their ideas and inspiration here.

And if you’re considering other ways to feature on Selah! HopeGiver, I welcome you to take a look at my guidelines on how you can write for my blog and become a inspiration to my readers (and to me of course).

I am ready to get down to business. Are you? Let’s go!

  1. Your job is not your purpose; it’s only an enabler to help you discover, pursue and fulfil your God-intended purpose in life.
  2. Don’t talk about change; be the change. 
  3. Dead Lazarus is a reflection of who I was until the day The Resurrection and Life called me out: “Joseph, come forth!”
  4. Life is not a rehearsal; you have only one chance to crack it or crack. 
  5. If you lower the standard of the gospel, you’ll get numbers no doubt but souls without deep, lasting connection to God. 
  6. God is not Father Christmas. 
  7. What are you REALLY afraid of when the KING of Glory is on your side? C’mon, get a grip!
  8. At the rate you’re leading your life today, who will you be in 5 years? PAUSE and THINK. 
  9. “Be yourself; being otherwise is unwise” (Prince Tayorski)
  10. “The whole world steps aside for a man who knows where he is going” (original author Unknown – contributed by Kunle Oyeneye)

Many thanks to my two contributors this week. And here’s your exercise for this week:

  • Which ONE is your favourite line of impact from the list. 
  • Have you got one to share? Share it in the comment box for a chance to feature in Lines of Impact 005. 

PS: I am considering converting this series into an eBook resource in the future. Let me know what you think of that and whether you’d find it useful. 

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