Lines of Impact 002

This is Part 2 of the Lines of Impact Series.

If you haven’t, you need to read Lines of Impact 001 to understand what I mean by them, what they mean to me and what they could mean to you. You can still choose your favourite two from the list. Here’s the deal: I will write nine of mine each part of the series and select one from a different person to complete the set. If you want me to consider yours, then share your favourite line of impact in the comment box.

Oh by the way, #8 received the vote in Part 1:

You don’t need a degree to achieve success in life. But you need vision, discipline, focus and commitment.

 Here’s my next set of lines of impact:
  1. Pain is not meaningless. There’s purpose in pain.
  2. God is beyond impressive. 
  3. It’s an awesome feeling (and reality) to know that we are imperfect men and women in the hands of a perfect God.
  4. Your life is not measured by the amount of ‘stuff’ you acquire, but by the lives your life has given meaning through the meaning God has given you. 
  5. Risk takers make things happen. Others watch everything happen and applaud. 
  6. Focus on your assignment; don’t till another man’s vineyard when you’re called to work yours. There’s no reward for it.
  7. You cannot afford the risk of not taking any risk. 
  8. It’s not enough to achieve your dreams; give others a platform for theirs. 
  9. Out of the broken pieces of our lives, God creates a masterpiece. 
  10. How do leaders emerge? They take responsibility for a cause greater than themselves and succeed against all odds (Gori Olusina Daniel)

Question & Exercise: 

  • Which two are your favourite lines of impact on the list above.
  • Go on, share one of your here in the comment box. I will select one for Part 3.

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