Letter To My Soul

From Joseph: This post originally featured on my blog in 2011. I am reposting it, with some changes, to encourage you to ‘preach’ to your soul in your season of loneliness, uncertainties and troubles. There will be a great calm. Remain blessed.
My Dear Soul, this is a letter from me to you…

Listen while I preach to you:

Why are you cast down within me?

Why are you in turmoil?

Has your God ever forsaken you?

Has He ever forgotten you?

Why do you think He ever will abandon you?

Listen my dear Soul, let me speak to you:

Letter To My Soul

Never question the presence of your Redeemer.

Many enemies surround you but your God is closer to you than they are.

Remember His past faithfulness and let that give you peace,

Remember how He commands His steadfast love in the day,

And at night His song is ever with you.

The waters seem to break over you now,

And it appears He’s forgotten you,

The oppression of your foes seem to grow stronger,

But remember the miracles of yesterday – the victories, the unexpected provisions, the unexplainable grace.
Remember the unmerited favors.
Remember the narrow escape from death, the massive debts paid off, the illness that vanished.
Remember and rest in Him.
Oh my dear soul, remember and have hope!

Let the billows come as they wish,

Let the enemies rage as much as they can,

Let the mountains fall if they so desire,

Let them ask you “Where is your God?”

For all their taunts, only still yourself and say (to yourself);

“Hope in God, I will praise Him again, and again and again… for He is my God and Salvation”

Hope, I say, hope in your GOD.

Yours in spirit and body,


Further reading: Read Psalms 42.

What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed with life’s challenges? I invite you to leave a comment.

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