Lessons from Proverbs 16

I was massively intrigued (positively) this morning when I read Proverbs 16. In verse 12, scripture says:

“It’s an abomination for kings to do evil, for the throne is established in righteousness”

Something dawned on me at that point. If it’s an abomination for an earthly king to do evil, how much more one chosen by God to be a king and priest unto Him?
If earthly an throne is established in righteousness, how much more should our bodies which is the temple of the Holy Spirit be established in holiness and purity?

When we understand the message here, then we will resolve to kill sin in our lives and make war against all known sin wherever we see it in us.

Not only that; when we realise the power in that scripture, we will cease to make excuses for other ‘Christians’ actively living in sin and stop agreeing with them that ‘It’s only their weakness’ when grace is available to live a victorious life.
Sin will kill the body, soul and condemn the spirit. Take heed.

There’s also another side; reading that verse gladdened my heart with the realisation that I’m chosen, cherished and ‘crazily’ loved by a God who defied all odds to save a sinner like me…and all that put their faith in Him. And to Him alone, I have a high calling of a king and priest.


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