Four Characteristics Of Intentional Living (With Audio)

Earlier this week, I spent an hour on Skype with an Eindhoven-based (The Netherlands) student Christian fellowship, inspiring them to live the life that matter.

Full Audio Recording

Prior to the talk, some folks asked if I could record and share my talk. I did! In it, I shared five keys I personally use to live intentionally daily (another post to come).

But I also told the group briefly about four characteristics of a life that is intentional. I want to expand on these a bit more.

You can listen to the unabridged, yet to be edited audio recording below (warning: some background interference early during the recording).

Four Ways To Recognize The Life That Matters

At the start of this year, I resolved to live the life that matter; to cut out distractions and live intentionally. I always have, but I felt a deeper passion to do more this year.

So what is the life that matter? What does it look like? How can you recognize one?

There are four characteristics I believe are crucial to living intentionally:


  • It’s God-centered: This is the sum of everything. Intentional living begins here. GOD is bigger than life itself. We are but a tiny atom in the big picture. The life worth living recognizes the One who is truly AWESOME!
  • It’s Purposeful: Understanding your purpose is the first step to not wasting your life. This is your “WHY”, your essence, your calling – if you live outside this, life becomes a tragedy.
  • It’s Passionate: Passion is the energy that fuels your purpose. You will need a good dose of passion to live intentionally and purposefully.
  • It’s Mission-Oriented: Living the life that matters makes you a difference maker. Purpose is for a reason. Passion is for a reason. There’s a life to be lived – we are called to pour ourselves into others, in humble and gracious service. We must embrace the mission of influence, to make a difference in people’s lives for good.

Final Takeaway

The God-intended life is intentional. The life that matters serves people and is not afraid to try. I’m glad I accepted the opportunity to speak to the students this week. Looking forward to more opportunities to live intentionally, daily.

To a purposeful 2013!

What other characteristics of intentional living can you add to my list from your experience? Leave a comment.

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