Tonight, I reviewed the personal statement of one of the youngsters I coach. She’s applying for a place at a Univeristy in the UK and she’s excited. Guess what? She has a strong passion to become a Counsellor, hence she’s going for Psychology and Counselling. I am super excited for her. I remember the first day she spoke of her passion and ambition: I was inspiring a group of young people to dream new dreams for their lives and asked them what they wanted to become. While some gave a modest response, others were either unsure or clearly had no vision for their lives at the time… and then came this; “I want to reduce the rate of divorce around me. I want to be a Marriage Counsellor”
Wow!!! My face lit, I was buzzing and a coaching session did not take long to materialise afterwards. She said to me, “Coach me”. You simply need to hear this girl talk about the dynamics of family life!

I love her very much and she knows it. She wrote me last week and said, “Everyone, including my teachers and friends think my ambition is unattainable and laugh at me but you’re the only one that has EVER taken me seriously and you believe I can do this. And I am determined to do it. Would you like to review my personal statement? “
I dropped everything I was doing in the office and responded to her “Bring it on!”

As I reviewed her statement, I simply have no doubt she’d get her place at the university. She wrote from her heart; she spoke of her challenges, she mentioned about the ridicule she’d had to face, she spoke of the seeming impossible task ahead of her, she spoke of her small background. But with all the limitations she has faced and is still facing in life, read this: she has won eleven trophies, twelve medals, six certificates and contributed over one hundred hours of unpaid service in the areas of football, netball and dance to her local community. She nothing but a World Changer!!!

She ended her personal statement by saying “I am looking forward to the next phase of my development in life with you”
Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! She’s only 17… living in a society where her friends are dropping out of school, joining gangs and not much is naturally expected of her based on her social background. But she’s determined. And I know she will make it.

As I emailed her back the revised statement, I appended a line at the end: “I BELIEVE IN YOU AND ALWAYS WILL…”

Now to you; what excuse do you have in life?

Now I’ve gotta find me a tissue to wipe the tears off my eyes…

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I'm a writer, purpose guy, speaker and business consultant. My passion is to help people live with purpose and not waste their lives. I live in the UK with my wife, Temi and our gorgeous Isabel Juda. Let's connect on Twitter and Facebook.

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