The Blessing of ‘Goliath’

Goliath? Blessing? Those two words don’t agree.

Yes you’re right, they don’t. But they could…and I will tell you what I mean.

First, watch this short video (my first actually! If my voice sends you to sleep, I apologize – I was trying so hard not to wake up my two ladies)


Goliath stood for all things:


So how does blessing result from impossible?


If you’re familiar with the classic David-Goliath story, you’d remember that Israel couldn’t fight the giant. Nobody dared challenge him. The king was terrified himself. The warriors of Israel shivered. For 40 days, the battle line was drawn but there was no action.

Until a shepherd boy showed up…

“Wait a minute – did you just say a boy or a fighter?”

Sorry, no mistake – it was indeed a boy… a shepherd too! (as if that helped)

“Right, splendid way to ruin the story, huh?”

You know, as David ran towards Goliath to hurl that stone, I often wonder what he was thinking. What could be going through his mind? What would have gone through yours? Remember, he ran towards the giant!

David could have easily gone back home. After all, he only came with a message for his brothers. No. Instead, he saw an opportunity.

The very image that represented his greatest challenge still stands as his biggest victory to date, arguably his best moment and (here it is) a glorious blessing. Yes, Goliath turned out to be a blessing in David’s life.

There’s no testimony without a test.

There’s no breakthrough without a ‘follow through’.

There’s no life without pain.

Your Goliath can become your biggest achievement, if you face your giant. Quit running away.

I leave you with this thought:

If you’re in the will of God, the challenges you face become preamble to your breakthrough. Tweet this message

Have you ever experienced a ‘Goliath’ in your life turn out to be a blessing? Share your thoughts and testimonies below.

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