GOD Moments

“God moments humble us. They make us see life in the light of God’s eyes, in the light of His grace.” – Tweet

Busy Week

This week has been extremely busy and hectic with sleepless nights to go with it. It doesn’t take huge imagination to understand that fatherhood comes with massive responsibilities and while I am enjoying every moment of it, I am learning (and unlearning) each day.


There is something God teaches me each time I hold Isabel Juda in my arms. I call them my GOD MOMENTS! They are not always pretty:

  • Crying on the top of her lungs when she’s hungry
  • Refusing to sleep in the position deemed safer for her
  • Keeping us awake every night, literally

I understand they call it “finding her rhythm” but I just know it’s not very pretty at times. But those times are the most awe-inspiring I experience.


Isabel Juda

Let me give you an example:

Isabel’s voice is louder these days when she cries. Sometimes, I feel sorry for the neighbours. But no matter how restless she may be, whenever I carry her and start praying, she keeps quiet and sleeps off in no time.

If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what else is!

I encourage you to recognise your God moments and embrace them. They may bring pain but that’s OK. They may make you uncomfortable, but that’s OK.

Don’t run away from them; embrace them. God moments humble us. They make us see life in the light of God’s eyes, in the light of His grace.

Have your experienced one lately? I would like to read about it. Share in the comment box.

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