Go Forward!!!

I was marvellously encouraged today in church. People are going through stuff (distressing times), people need encouragement and I was encouraged when I felt God’s move in church encouraging people as the Word was preached. While I prepared for the message last night, my heart desire was that many would realise that God is on their side and is fighting their corner. And He did. I strongly felt God’s presence from where I stood on the pulpit comforting many. I was close to tears at one point.

Before Israel was the Red Sea and behind them Pharaoh and his chariots. That’s a tough one! But they cried out to God and He delivered them. They faced a distressing ‘mountain’, a severe challenge, an impossible situation. Should they dive into the sea and drown? Should they run back to Pharaoh and surrender? Tough situation. Distressing situation. What would you do?
In the middle of this tough situation, God gave a resounding mandate: GO FORWARD!!!

While there is a time to weep, cry and pray, we must understand the seasons of our lives; there’s a time to go forward. There is a time to do something. God is saying, ‘Go and possess your possession!’
Faith is risky. Sometimes we have to take a step of faith after praying in line with God’s word. We must be courageous, realising that we are not alone in this fight of faith. No matter Pharaoh’s rage as we go forward, he cannot overcome us. Why? Because God is fighting our corner.

With God’s mandate comes a definite miracle. The same water that threatened Israel became their wall of defence and a trap for their enemies. The enemy may be near you but God is nearer. There is a miracle coming your way in Jesus name.

What is that mountain and challenge in your life? Relax, God has spoken and given a mandate over your life and there will be a definite miracle in your life in Jesus name. Go forward and keep making progress.

God bless you and have a great evening!

Further Reading: Exodus 14:10-22

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