A Flawed Man

From Joseph: This post originally featured on The Story of Hope a year ago. Today, I’m reminded of God’s amazing grace in my life – the grace that’s transformed a sinner like me. It felt appropriate to re-post it today and encourage your journey of grace and hope too.

I’m a flawed man – oh, that much I know.

Everyday is a spiritual battle; to believe, to trust, to hope. My natural man cannot cope with any attempt on holiness and grace. Hence, I must train it.

Sometimes, life feels like a fierce battle (it is!). But quitting is not an option; the battle has been won. I must keep training, working out my spiritual muscles and trusting the Coach. He’s got my back.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Simon Howden FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’m not perfect – oh, that much I know.

Attaining perfection appeared an endless mountain I must climb, a summit I could never reach in my finite state.

Like Paul, there were times I felt that nothing good could come out of me except all that points to my humanity and errors. But thanks be to God, His grace has taught me better.

Perfection is not how I see it, but how He defines it. That’s a huge consolidation because His grace makes all things possible.

I’m work in progress – oh, that much I know

Christ has redeemed me from my depraved nature. I’m no longer under the law but under grace. A finished product now? By no means, but I’m work in progress in His hands.

Like a potter moulds the clay, He shapes my character, mindset, actions and attitude daily. When He sees a rough edge in me (and there are many), He beats me into shape again. Oh the pain and joy of His love! Oh the wonder of surrender!!

A flawed man in the hands of a perfect God… and I’m grateful

I’m a flawed man in the hands of a perfect God; found by grace, saved from sin and redeemed for glory.

I may not be perfect, yet. But God is and His Word is. That’s enough for me.

I’m a flawed man in the hands of a perfect God… that’s all I need and I’m grateful for it.

What emotions are awakened in your heart when you ponder God’s amazing grace over your life?

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