Which Would You Buy?

I cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming feedback you gave on helping me choose the book cover for my upcoming devotional. You guys are truly awesome!

Incredible You!

The high feedback reaffirmed the importance and power of an audience. You guys, my readers, are incredible!

But you left me in a bit of a good dilemma. The challenge is that I need only one. After analyzing your suggestions, I decided to:

  1. Narrow the options
  2. Show you the final designs in 3D (what you would be buying)
  3. Re-run the voting process – for the last time.
If you voted the first time, I am keen to know if your view has changed and why.

Narrowing the Options

I will summarize the feedback I got on the covers still in contention, with some pros and cons. But first, a word on why the flower and jigsaw have dropped out.

Flower: Left too many open questions. There was something missing in the design and the image didn’t justify the theme very much.

Jigsaw: Very simple but good concept. But the jigsaw image didn’t do enough and wasn’t very visible.

In the Race


Converse 3D


  • Proved very popular
  • Image depicts journey and meditation.
  • Authentic


  • Converse could limit the appeal to young audience, which is not the intention (P.S. the book cuts across age groups)


Umbrella 3D


  • Beautiful colors, fresh design – works really well
  • Umbrellas depicts journey and hope (for rain)
  • White space lets the cover ‘breathe’


  • Is the image powerful enough for the theme?

Sailing Boat

Sailing Boat 3D


  • Naturally depicts journey
  • Image evokes calm in/after the storm
  • Captures the theme very well


  • Looks perfect for a paperback but does it work for an eBook? Too predictable?

Which Would You Buy?

SELAH is a Christian devotional intended to challenge, encourage and inspire readers to a closer walk in grace and journey of hope. I believe in this project and I want you to help me shape parts of it because you, my readers, matter to me.

If you were browsing Amazon for eBooks to buy, which of these covers would make you click the “Buy” button? Tweet this question to your audience

If you voted the first time, has the 3D format changed your vote? Share your thoughts in the comment box please and help me spread the word.

*featured image on homepage courtesy of Stuart Miles (not book covers)

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