Church in the House

Today, church was different and real. I loved every moment of it. It reminded me of the picture of how it all started; the apostles in one accord in an upper room and the power of God came upon them.

We woke up this morning as we always do, ready for church only to hear: “We are having church at your house today”. That was my Pastor and without giving it any thought I responded: “Yes sir!” Not sure where that came from. But as I led prayers, it dawned on me that this was a God moment, a God move and you don’t question such moments.

There are times God interjects our ‘normal’ lives simply to move us to the next level. Sometimes, He disrupts our routine to give us a new experience of Him. That was today. With 16 children tucked away in the open kitchen/hallway area for their Sunday School and over 23 adults comfortably seated in the living room, the atmosphere was charged with the presence of God. Forget the inconvenience! God was in the house and that was all that mattered.

God taught us a personal lesson. As a couple, we are committed to serving God and His people (especially in our local church) and we saw today as another opportunity to do that. We gladly took it with four hands and are confident there is room for more.

And oh yes, there were lots of testimonies; a brother got a new job after years of waiting, another a new apartment, another shared of how God manifested His power through him to the locals and another shared a powerful testimony of love, grief, forgiveness and more love. God was in the house and this was church, just the way it should be.

Next Sunday, we return to our regular place of worship… But I’m already asking, “When next Lord for more of this unusual experience of You? Bring it on!!!”
As everyone left and we cleaned up, there was a certain peace in the house… “God was in our house… and we knew it”

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I'm a writer, purpose guy, speaker and business consultant. My passion is to help people live with purpose and not waste their lives. I live in the UK with my wife, Temi and our gorgeous Isabel Juda. Let's connect on Twitter and Facebook.

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