Beware of Covetousness!!!

Today we studied the life, ministry, covetousness and eventual fall of Balaam. A very sad and revealing story. He started as a godly Prophet but died a false one. How can a righteous Seer fall from grace to the point where, at the time of death, he was regarded as a false Prophet?

Study Numbers 22:1-41 and you will find out why; money, materialism, greed, covetousness. He loved the honour and praise of men. Money blinded his eyes and ears to the sight of God’s angel and voice of God. He knew the revealed will of God but took it for granted. Seriously, it was one thing for Balaam to disobey God… but to hold a ‘Skype’ conference conversation with his donkey? That’s another level. Oh beware of covetousness! It will blind you and kill you spiritually.

Balaam had springs on his feet and was so willing to heed Balak’s call. Read between the lines and you will discover he truly wanted to go. His confession of integrity was neither strong enough nor genuine; at least they didn’t last for long. The promise of honour and riches was too good to resist. Isn’t that what we see today in many churches? Pastors no longer preach the truth that will save souls but money. Prosperity preaching has infiltrated our churches and it’s all about what you must give to fatten the account of the Pastor in return for ‘breakthroughs’. I mean, seriously, why would people come out dropping money on a preacher’s feet while he’s preaching!!!? What nonsense. In God’s house? On His altar? We desecrate God’s house in the name of sowing seeds. And when materialistic Pastors do not discourage such behaviour, it continues until the situation is no longer redeemable.
Believer, watch out for your soul. Beware of covetousness and never encourage it in your life, home or church. Expose it!

First Balaam gave accommodation to the messengers of Balak twice. That’s how it starts. You listen to that garbage of a ‘preaching’ the first time and you go back for more, thinking you’d hear God. But it’s all garbage. Wolves in sheep clothing parading as men of God but they are after your money and your soul. Beware of covetousness.

Materialism reduces God to ‘stuff’ in our lives. When that happens, we are willing to redefine God to suit our circumstance. Balaam died. He lost his ministry and soul. There’s not a record of the son of Balaam in scripture who took over from him (not that I’ve read of so far, so feel free to correct me). This is serious matter my friends and I plead with you to guard your heart.

Beware of covetousness. Watch out for your soul. Look inward. Purge your heart. Renew your mind. Seek the Lord. Repent where necessary and He will strengthen you.

May the Lord keep us holy, pure and sanctified until His appearing. Many blessings and have a wonderful night!

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