Andy Murray: Why Winning Means More

Fred Perry was the last British man to win a Grand Slam since 1936. That’s a whopping 76 years ago! 

Until this Monday at the US Open…

‘So Close’ Doesn’t Count

Greg Rusedski tried but failed at this. The much-loved Tim Henman gave it his best shot (due respect to them).

Then came a lanky, inexperienced lad from Scotland. He wanted to be the best. He genuinely did. His emotions and passion on court showed it. And for so many years, it was same old story; so close yet not good enough.

Let’s Confess!

There comes a time when hope and persistence begins to look foolish to many people.

Join me in confessing (you know you need to) – we sorta’ gave up on Andy winning any Grand Slam anytime soon. C’mon, say the truth and shame the devil. With Federer back in form, Djokovic steaming ahead and Nadal still in contention, you kinda wonder why Murray played in their era.

One Breakthrough Is All You Need

Andy was getting closer and better every year. All he needed was just one breakthrough; one massive victory he could ride on, a final confidence boost. And at the Olympics, he got it:

defeating ‘mighty’ Roger Federer to win Gold. That was the momentum he needed, the belief was there. Now he could go on and achieve his dream. And he did!

Why Winning Means More

If Djokovic had won, it would have been routine. Nothing would have changed. But with this win, nothing will ever be the same again. Many are inspired to dream anew, to persist, to hold on. This time, winning means more. This is beyond a game of tennis. And here’s why:

Andy’s victory will inspire many; many will take new interest in tennis, new blog posts like this will be written, maybe a book too. It will inspire courage in many and lots of tears for a nation that has labored so hard in their support for a Scottish lad. 

Thank you Andy for NOT giving up when most did.  

Last Words:

Others may exercise their right to give up on you, but you CANNOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. Persevere, endure and believe you will win!

“Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.” (Hebrews 10:35, 36 ESV)

What other lessons did Andy Murray’s persistence teach you this week?

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