“And So I Let Go…” by Lola

So I opened the iPad this morning to quickly peek through my emails before dashing to the office and there was this blog post sitting, waiting to be read. Lola is my new-found Facebook and WordPress friend, an 18 year old University student in Coventry and blogger. Like any other Christian teenager faced with significant personal and spiritual struggles, Lola has her own fair share of them too. But I strongly believe she’s different: she shows courage and boldness as she seeks answers to life’s deepest issues. Back to the blog post…

Read her write an amazing, soul-searching piece… she pours out her heart with grace. In my response to her, I acknowledged I’ve stood where you stood before and yes the battle can be fierce. And I’ve learnt that as carnal beings by nature, we stand no chance of winning without help from the One who defeated the foundation of sin! I am encouraged at the progress she’s making as she continues to fight for joy in Christ.

I give you: “AND SO I LET GO”

While you’re there, do refer to my previous blog post “FROM BROKEN PIECES TO A MASTERPIECE” for further encouragement.

May God give us strength to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life. We will win, by God we will.

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