What Your Vision May Be Lacking

Last Saturday, my family spent the day (and night) in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of the city. However, we spent the day doing something more awesome – inspiring a generation!

Image courtesy of Imagine2020

Image courtesy of Imagine2020

“This is the most I’ve been inspired!”

This year, I’m helping my church ministry across Northern Europe to kickstart a number of youth/student-based initiatives that will impact and shape lives.

From facing a society that undervalues their potentials on one hand to accepting a lifestyle that affirms society’s stereotype on the other, our goal is to provide the much needed spiritual, educational, vocational, career and mental direction they desperately need.

I spent a good part of 90 minutes delivering a practical mentoring session. At the end, some of the youths walked up to me to say:

  • This is the most I’ve been inspired!
  • We need to have more of this.
  • I’ve truly realised that I should pursue my dreams.
  • Truly amazing!
  • I was invited by a friend and never heard anything like this!
  • I’ve been so challenged.
  • Kept me engaged throughout.

What your vision may be lacking

I started off the year with a firm determination to NOT waste my life. You’re right, that’s not new with me. Only this time, everything is moving so quickly. And in the process, I’m learning this vital lesson:

When God gives you a vision, don’t delay the process. Move! Act on purpose – Tweet this.

Obtaining a vision is the first part of living with purpose. Acting on purpose is what makes a vision see the light of day. Are you lacking this? Are you doing the talking but not acting? Words are powerful. But actions speak louder.

It’s time for you to take action on your mandate. It’s time to act; act with intentionality, act with a strong determination. Be persistent… even when it doesn’t make sense.

Act on your vision. The vision may not be completely clear to you right now… that’s OK. In the process, details unveil.

I’m learning to move and act, in faith, trusting God for an awesome outcome. And He never disappoints.

Is your dream lacking intentionality? What are you willing to change today to act on purpose and change your story? Why are you not doing it now?

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