My name is Joseph and it’s an awesome privilege to have you on my blog.

I am deeply passionate about purposeful living and inspiring hope. My personal journey of grace and hope inspires me to do what I do.



  • A fatherless, destitute and hopeless teenager to a First Class graduate and recipient of top university awards
  • Countless obstacles to basic education (nearly dropped out) to becoming the first child to obtain university education
  • The shacks of Lagos to working for top European organizations.

My story has inspired thousands of young people across the globe to dream a new dream for their lives and pursue their passion. You can read more about My Story of Hope.


Joseph & Temi

I am married to my best friend, confidant and companion, Temi. She is an exceptional woman of faith, great character and strength and has remained a source of inspiration to me through the years. We met in 2002 and got married 7 years later through an experience that could only have been designed by God. Together, we are passionate about raising the next generation of leaders, a passion we travel together to spread. After 4 years in Germany, where we were blessed with gorgeous Isabel Juda, we moved back to the UK in 2015.

The Blog

I write mainly about:

  • Discovering Purpose,
  • Inspiring Hope and
  • Living the God-Intended Life.

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Some Popular Posts

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