Turning Problems Into Possibilities

How does a hopeless and homeless teenager become the author of a grace-filled and hope-infused book?   How does a lad who hunted neighborhood trees to survive become a man whose Story of Hope has inspired many across the globe?    Today, I am privileged to be interviewed by my friend, Eileen Knowles of The Scenic Route. Remember her here? In the […]

Celebrating My Launch Team

Today, allow me the privilege to introduce and celebrate the men and women who, in the last 5 weeks, have given everything to support the launch of my new book, SELAH: A 90-Day Journey of Grace and Hope. Blessing in Diversity They are men and women from different professions, social backgrounds and cultures but share a common Christian faith. They […]

Interview with Dave Arnold

From Joseph: Today, I am interviewing author and speaker Dave Arnold. Dave has a huge passion for refugees and the poor, especially in the Detroit area. His first book, Pilgrims of the Alley, was released this week. In it, Dave makes a powerful call to us to be broken, to live the God-intended life in displacement. Only this week, he’s […]

Dream A New Dream

Mediocrity is a disease that steals people’s ability to see beyond their present domain, but the life purpose of a champion causes him to dream a dream bigger than life and passionately pursue it. When you stop dreaming, you stop living. Therefore, I encourage you to dream a dream that will outlive you and your generation. Live your God-intended life with vision and purpose. […]

Change Your World

I believe that statement so much it’s become a core part of my life pursuit. We were created to be awesome. We are called to do something worthy of being talked of by many generations. You and I are the light of the world. We are the salt of the earth. Losing our savor comes when we abandon this glorious, […]

7 Months And Counting…

Remember this face? Fast-forward 7 months… Isabel Juda turned 7 months today and she has a message for you. Happy viewing and feel free to let me know what she said 🙂