‘Absurd’ Grace

Grace is stupendous in every sense. It’s Unfathomable Unimaginable Unthinkable ‘Absurd’ Grace is a God Thing I continue to stand amazed at the wonder of grace. You should too. I share about the awesomeness of grace at DonyaDunlap.com, where I am guest posting. Every Christian must read this post. Every seeker should read this post. I welcome your views and […]

Live BOLD!

You have two options in life: you can either be scared all your life or you can live bold. Either requires a choice to be made. The decision to step out and lead is a choice you make. Leadership doesn’t happen automatically; you make it happen, you lead. Fear is a choice. Boldness is a choice. I’ve dedicated some time to share this powerful truth […]

Focus On What Really Matters

This past weekend, my daughter, Isabel Juda experienced her first reality check of sort. I took her out for a long walk alone (longer than what my wife considered ‘normal’). Awe in the Ordinary Our first stop was the local park. Recently, my wife and I have noticed Isabel’s ability to focus on things or people. In the park, it was […]

Will You Marry Me?

In the past couple of weeks, I have seen four young leaders I’ve mentored and coached for years enter into courtship. I’m very excited for them. I’ve watched them grow spiritually and mentally, particularly one, from a somewhat timid girl to a courageous woman. In my guest post at IntentionalToday.com (Ngina Otiende), I share about my friends’ courage of commitment. […]

3 Things Vision Will Do For You

This past Sunday, I spoke to my church folks about vision and direction in life, drawing reference from scripture.  Anyone passionate about leading on purpose understands the importance of vision – knowing where you’re heading and what your life is about. Too many people, especially young people, are living without a clear vision and purpose. This cannot be normal. Lack […]

Just A Little While

From Joseph: This is a guest post by Michael Chukwu. You will learn more about Michael at the end of this post. I pray his words bless and inspire hope in you today and always. If you would like to guest post on my blog, here’s all you need to know A woman during the child birth process has so […]