The Future By Us Education Summit – Rebuilding Nigeria’s Education Sector: Personal Reflection by Yinka-Alli Balogun

When the Executive Director of The World Changers Foundation, Gori Olusina Daniel said “The Future By Us movement does exactly what it says on the tin”, he was serious. This was not to be another government bashing session but an opportunity to see what we could do as ordinary (and in some cases extraordinary) people to have an impact on […]

When Miracles Are Not Enough…

Matthew 11:20 (ESV) God can do great and mighty miracles in one’s life or in a place but that does not commend us to God; except a man repents he cannot see the kingdom of God. Repentance from all sin is God’s yardstick to input to us His righteousness, not miracles. Let’s not be children but men and women who […]

“I am the Lord”

Exodus 6:8 – I am the Lord. Has the Lord promised? Hold fast to His word; he watches over it to perform. He is the Lord and will perform that good thing He’s spoken concerning you. Be not afraid, only believe the Lord. He’s faithful and will do that which exceeds your expectation for the glory of His name over […]

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